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05 February

PoP launch can't come soon enough!

mesozoic 0 Comments

Is it just me, or have these last few weeks before PoP launch seemed really long and drawn out? IV2 has been chugging along and clearing content as usual since the last update. We split Emperor 5 times this expansion, and have been doing 3 Seru splits every week, so most people are about Luclined out at this point. I think I speak for most people when I said that we are all definitely ready for our next chunk of content.

Everyone has done PoP before, and most of us have done it a few times. That being said we are looking forward to all the true PoP bosses that only show up the first week or so of PoP launch. Spoilers ahead for you TLP PoP launch virgins.

Of course, there's also everyone's favorite bottleneck and griefing fiesta over in Plane of Storms.

There's also the hysteria and confusion over flags. 

There's also the one boss that you can't do right away because no one is BoT flagged yet.

All of these tribulations are worth it so that we can get to the elemental planes and meet our server's namesake!

Yea I went there! 

All joking aside, everyone seems very excited for the content anyway. PoP is a great nostalgia trip, and the expansion has a ton of group and raid content to keep us busy for a few months.

We have a decent roster moving into PoP, but we are always open for quality applicants. If you are a decent player with that wants to raid 3 days a week and still stomp all the relevant content, then we might just be the place for you. You can submit an application by hitting the Apply button at the top of our webpage. Hit up Mesozoic, Barudin, Wulli, Harbin, Marcone, or Ribeye in game or on discord for more info. (Discord Link

17 December

no harmed turtles

Unknown 0 Comments

AHR Down in like 3hrs 30min

Countless, countless OW opportunities

2x NToV, 2x Kael, 2x Everything

Want shit to do sometimes?

This might be your guild.

We do stuff, together, sometimes, probably.

We DON'T harm turtles, public service announcement.


No turtles were harmed creating this depiction of AHR

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